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"Those whose lives his work has touched remain in his debt."
Peter J Scagnelli
Rev. Peter J. Scagnelli
(1949 - 2017)

"She was liturgical to her core"
Catherine A Dooley
Catherine A Dooley
(1933 - 2015)

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The Church's Relationship with the World
by Kristopher W. Seaman

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Dear Friends,

The title of this issue, "The Way of Discipleship," might bring each of us to consider the path that we travel as followers of Christ. On our journey, we ponder Scripture and encounter others whom we can accompany and allow to accompany us along the way. Hospitality is part of discipleship. In the reading from the Second Book of Kings on the Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, we hear how the woman who provided Elisha with hospitality was rewarded. In our feature, "Reaching Out with Hospitality to Those with Mental Illness," Thomas Welch, phd, writes how parishes can benefit through relationships with people who present challenges.

A conversation with a parishioner gave Rev. Ronald Patrick Raab, csc, insight into the Spirit's work in our lives. The article "Inviting the Spirit's Light to Heal" tells of how an older man chose to accompany the young priest, explaining how the Spirit changed his life one Pentecost. Decades later, the story still accompanies the priest.

Sometimes we practice our discipleship in ways that we had not foreseen. Such is the case with many who are part of parishes that have merged or are in the process of merging. Rev. J. Philip Horrigan writes of the care that needs to be taken with the liturgical environment when parishes merge. Respectful conversations need to consider the art and furnishings that have been treasured by each community. All considerations, though, need to be made from the perspective of how the liturgy will be served.

Christians live out their discipleship as they invite others to faith. In "Welcoming the Catechumens," Mary A. DuQuaine discusses how parishes can form a hospitable atmosphere. When parishioners are able to articulate their faith, they may be more apt to welcome the stranger with a smile and accompany them as they seek Christ.

As readers of Pastoral Liturgy® know, the National Gathering on Christian Initiation will aim to assist catechumenal ministers in deepening their understanding of the Christian initiation process. The article "Hospitality: A Part of Discipleship" explains that reaching out to others is an inherent to evangelization.

Faith formation leaders will want to be sure to make available the downloadable article "Helping Children Speak to God," by Trish Sullivan Vanni. The author encourages parents and grandparents to teach children to talk to God just as they would a friend. Children, she says, can be shown how to engage in both structured and spontaneous prayer.

Finally, parishes will want to include the downloadable article "How Does Baptism Change Us?" in bulletins. Author Kristopher W. Seaman explains that the waters of Baptism recreate us into disciples of Christ. Baptism immerses us into Christ's person and mission so that the rest of life is a response to our baptismal call.

As you journey from Easter to Ordinary Time, may you be blessed with the accompaniment of fellow Christians. May Christ's peace be with you.

Bishop Joseph N. Perry
Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago

Using the liturgy as its source, Pastoral Liturgy® has been intentionally designed to be of service to the whole parish with resources for leaders and parishioners, those who are just beginning to learn about liturgy, and those who are seasoned volunteers and professionals.

The six 32-page, full-color issues follow the course of the liturgical year to provide guidance for liturgy preparation, faith formation, liturgical art and architecture, and the many areas of parish ministry that flow from the liturgy to witness the Gospel and build the kingdom of God.

Pastors, parish staffs, liturgy committees, catechists, musicians, architects, and everyone seeking to learn more about how the liturgy forms and informs all of parish life will find this resource a valuable support to understanding the liturgy more fully and incorporating it as the source for all they do. That's why Pastoral Liturgy® magazine is the liturgy magazine for the whole parish!

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